“making dances – poetic richness” workshop with Julyen Hamilton

in the frame of Improspekcije2014 festival
29th and 30th November
from 10.00 am till 4.00 pm

Julyen Hamilton’s teaching investigates deeply the creative act and the technique needed to accompany and facilitate it.  It stems from his experience as a soloist, director of Allen’s Line and performer in numerous ensemble situations.

His work observes how things are made, how they function and how knowledge, experience and intuition can be used to create the work we each wish to make.

It naturally enters the worlds of physiology,  philosophy, culture, imagination and the future.

In recent years the compositional elements of major concern have been

time, space, dramaturgy, music and the voice;  they are informed his experience as a dancer who creates and organises material instantly before the public.

The basic work is the handling of the body and the ‘speaking’ from it in space, motion and time.

Its co-ordination and its relationship to the material it creates  –  and then to the sharing of it in performance.

His ability to distil and convey essential principles allows dancers from a wide range of backgrounds to engage in his methodology.



information and registration: improspekcije@gmail.com