Through a cycle of four weekend workshops we deal with the basics of movement naming, understanding and reintegrating the basic neurological patterns of moving. It is about patterns that occur in the earliest childhood, which we all had already acquired at the time. However, from the time we crawled, crept, rolled, clambered, or fell, for many of us many years of ineffective body using have passed, hours and hours of sitting behind the school desks, or later in front of computers, or using our bodies in ways that neglect the fact that moving is the man’s primary need, connected to curiosity, pleasure, getting to know oneself and the world, and not something that is difficult, exhausting, but something that has to be done in order to “change” my body, to make it look better and move in a different way. We will try to find new possibilities, the ease and satisfaction of moving through dance and play and conscious return to baby moves.

Every move we “learn” in dance lessons or perform in everyday life is possible to understand through the basic neurological patterns of moving. Returning to them may be useful and interesting to everyone who is professionally or recreationally involved in contemporary dance or another body skill and to everyone dealing or spending time with babies in their professional or private life. In this way, spending time with babies may become richer for another experience and a different understanding of their own bodies and consequently of children and their behaviour.