Multimedia Hut is an artistic organization led by Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, dance artist, and Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, dramaturgist and radiophonist. The Hut offers under its imaginary roof a shelter to artists from diverse backgrounds, with an aim to create joint projects and to inspire inter-media, interdisciplinary and inter-generational cooperation, continuity and togetherness. “Improspections” and “Escape Plan” are our multi-annual programs, while “HOERSPIEL: a little play for listening and watching”, “Disappearances”, “Ether over Berlin”, “Me and you and we” are just some of the dance and radiophonic shows we create for children and adults.

In the form of a retrospective, short movie, picnic, concert, joint cooking and nightly conversations – we celebrate five years of surviving and we ask ourselves, how, where and which way do we go from here? Five years of Multimedia Hut are celebrated within the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Students’ Center Culture Fair.