Me and you and we: episode The Strangers, premiere in Zagreb

“Na lives an ordered life. Her clothes are neat and ironed, her nails are clean and cut, and her locks are quite manageable. When Na walks, she bounces regularly, and if she had a moustache, it would be carefully combed. Even the space in which she moves reflects a similar harmony – everything is in order, set in right angles; order is kept and the things are taken care of. The contours of her world are clear and the borders are solid. Even the darkness in which Na sleeps is peaceful, dreams do not bring surprises. And that would go on and on like that if there wasn’t for La. She apparently came from far away, carrying nothing but a bag that rustles and hums, rattles and bangs. Na is uneasy and at first does not accept the newcomer, but there is something attractive in her, something dusty and sea-like, something sunny and noisy, something different…”

Concept author: Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Performers, authors of music and dance: Lana Juranić (bassoon) and Nastasja Štefanić (dance)
Visual design assistant: Tonka Maleković
Dramaturgical assistant: Dubravko Mihanović