Movement Thought Turn

Authors and performers: Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, Zrinka Užbinec

“We are intrigued by what is seemingly “behind“ dance, what is deliberate, as well as intuitive and what motivates the dancers’ as well as the chef’s, in this particular case, decisions. We try to articulate our thoughts, speak them out, being at the same time aware of the way they motivate, stop or change the flow of dance, movement or anything we do…“

From reviews:

Movement Thought Turn is a game with a serious outcome… Within itself, the performance is a completely imaginable and sincerely organized dance workshop for the audience and dancer(s) … an extremely nice and self-explanatory way of communication between three different views of dance and performance within a performing situation.”

Igor Ružić: Performance as a simultaneous translation

“It is a simple, but fruitful question: how to communicate the reflection on the movement, as well as on the context, surroundings, smell, color, touch on one’s skin, all the things a dancer senses while moving on the spot, while it all occurs. Thinking about what it is that you think, or perceive, is a process that requires special concentration and it is always temporally out of place – it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve simultaneity … it is exciting to observe the struggle with the body and cognitive processes. Movement Thought Turn has an immense educational potential because it breaks the monolithism of the dancing body in relation to the audience and opens to the audience trying to disclose the internal processes.”

Una Bauer

Production: Improspections2013

Photography: Jasenko Rasol