a dance-sound-ambient installation

Concept: Zrinka Šimičić
Dance: Darija Doždor, Silvia Marchig, Zrinka Šimičić
Sound: Sven Pavlović
Ambient installation: Martina Mezak

Movering is a non-existent word, derived from the Latin verb movere = move. It has been coined in a meaning play and left in the title of a dance-sound-ambient installation, for it apparently fits what is all about there. And it is about emotion, motion (moving, starting, mobility, as well as word change, declension), motivation, and feelings and their habitats, the relation between the external stimuli and our behavior, about the intricate labyrinth of our inner, as well as outer qualities…

In the spatial labyrinth of the multimedia artist Martina Mezak three dancers, Darija Doždor, Silvia Marchig and Zrinka Šimičić, move motivated by external stimuli and internal impulses away from them or toward them. Movement is therefore a response to a moment and what gives it an additional meaning is the sound image, which is composed live at the stage by the musician Sven Pavlović. Martina Mezak brings us an interesting spatial design in which two volumes intertwine, so that each of them can simultaneously be observed as an outer or internal space. Since one of them is for the performers and the other one for the viewers, a switch in roles occurs: in some moments the performers become viewers and viewers start being observed. Similarly, moving freely within their designated space viewers themselves become participants of the choreography. “The walls” shared by the two volumes provide a different quality to the movement and enable only a partial visibility of the choreography.

The project has been realized with the support of the City of Zagreb and in collaboration with the Croatian Movement and Dance Institute.

The first performance: 24 November 2009, Zagreb Dance Center.

Video and photography: Jasenko Rasol