international improvisation festival, 9th edition

3rd – 9th October 2015
19th– 21st November 2015
Zagreb Student Center, &TD Theatre, Savska 25

The ninth festival of improvisation, Improspections 2015, brings a program arranged in two blocks and conceived of around two topics – non-linear dance (and personal) histories and communication between dance and the audience or possible relations and influences between the audience and the performance.

Art has its own non-linear collective history through continuity and interruptions, through individual expressions and inevitability of sharing the aesthetic and political issues pertinent to every period. We are interested in understanding how we embody that history through dance and how we share it with the audience, or the community in which we act. We find it important to think about our own history, not (only) through describing historical narratives, but with the body, dance, art work, co-existence in the space of experiment and with the involvement of the audience in the social game of sharing, viewing, performing…