21st October to 11th November 2017


Student centre Zagreb, Savska 25 / Teatar &TD, SC Gallery
Ozafin Alu, Slava Raškaj building, Ilica 85
Pogon Jedinstvo, small hall, Trnjanski nasip b.b.
Academy of dramatic art, Frankopanska 22
Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Šubićeva 29
Multimedia hut, Buconjićeva 39

The 11th consecutive international festival of improvisation Improspections2017 opens up the themes of improvisation, somatic work and their inherent politics. Through performances, lectures, discussions, games and workshops, the programme presents an overview of the various artistic and social practices in which the body is the starting point. The body as a home, the maternal body, the body that touches and receives the touch, the tired body, the body in conflict, the body that lasts, the body that remembers and knows, the body as a unique place of change, learning and transformation….the bodies are those, performer and spectator alike, which will share the current performances of this year’s Improspections, ephemeral and unrepeatable.


21st October19.00 hours
Sonja Pregrad: Home
co-authors and performers: Laura Barić, Valerija Cerovec, Teuta Gatolin, Lana Hosni, Ema Kani, Vilte Svarplyte, Josipa Štulić
Dramaturgical support: Iva Nerina Sibila
production: Četveroruka

22nd October
19.00 hours
Sonja Pregrad: Home

20.30 hours
moderator: Ana Fazekaš

27th October to 31st October; Different Venues.
Pavle Heidler, Ana Horvat, Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad: Glečer Extended

31st October
18.00 hours
moderator: Ana Fazekaš

4th November
12.00 hours
Jevtović & Larrèrović : Chorégraphie, BABY! 
Episode 6 / Hail Mammary

17.00 hours
mini CONFERENCE – part 1Jana Schildt: Embodied conflict transformation

Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović: Outer to Inner, Inner to Outer

Urban Kmet: B-side
Initiator and MC games: Urban Kmet
Game development in cooperation with Senka Anastasa.
production: IDTO (, Federacija (

5th November
11.00 to 17.00 hours
WORKSHOPJana Schildt: Embodied conflict transformation 

17.30 hours
Lana Hosni and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović: pOGLED, presentation of work in progress

7th to 9th November
Madalina Dan: The Agency of Touch
partner: Centre for Rehabilitation, Zagreb

10th November
19.30 hours
Karolin Kent: Inside / Outside

20.30 hours
Croatian Network of Somatic Practitioners – project presentation and DISCUSSION

11th November
10.00  to 14.00 hours
Madalina Dan: Agency of Touch

12.00 hours
Karolin Kent: (Inside / Outside)

17.00 hours
mini CONFERENCE, part 2
Madalina Dan: Everything touches everything

Karolin Kent: Inside/Outside and sustainability in life

Urban Kmet: B-strana (B-side)

20.00 hours
PERFORMANCEImprospectionsInvites: Ema Crnić, Davorka Horvat, Ivana Pavlović, Tommaso Rolando
Invited by Improspections, four artists, musicians and dancers will meet in performance for the first time.