About us

Multimedia Hut is an artistic organization that gathers authors from diverse fields of art – contemporary dance, sound design and radiophony, visual arts, theatre, literature … – with an aim to create joint projects and inspire inter-media and interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of contemporary dance/improvisation, radiophonic theatre and somatics as an approach to body and movement, but also to a wider socio-political activity through art.

It was founded in 2013 by dance artist Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović and dramaturgist and radiophonist Pavlica Bajsić, with an aim to conduct programs that put contemporary dance and theatre into a more immediate dialogue with the daily life. From its beginning, the Multimedia Hut has carried out several multi-annual projects, has continually worked on production and distribution of contemporary dance and theatre shows, and on the promotion of the somatic approach to body and movement.

The value promoted by the organization is an inclusive and non-hierarchical approach to contemporary dance and theatre. Its programs promote a new understanding of the role of art and its potential for social change through active participation and personal experience, and are aimed at a wider circle of users.