A Manual for your Touching Performance

Dear participant of ‘The Touching Performance’,

here you can find a Manual that will guide you through the creation and the experience of your own Touching Performance:

A Manual for your Touching Performance_PRINT version

Print out the Manual on your home printer on ordinary printing paper (A4 format) and fold the printed papers in order to get a small (A5 format) notebook – Manual, that you will take with you to the Performance.

Here is the digital version of the Manual, in case you don’t have the possibility of printing it out:

A Manual for your Touching Performance_DIGITAL version

Besides the print-out of the Manual, take a pencil and/or drawing charcoal, if you have some, and a few clean sheets of paper, in case you don’t have the possibility to print out the Manual.

Please choose the place where your Performance starts in line with the instructions from The Manual.

You will decide yourself when the Performance begins and when it ends. If you follow the instructions from the Manual, it is probably going to take you about an hour.

At the end of your Performance, please document the traces of the performance in the landscape and/or in the Manual/on the paper with your camera and choose a few photos that you want to share with us via email address: multimedijalnakoliba@gmail.com

Thank you!

Enjoy your performance!


‘The Touching Performance’ is the performative-installation work, part of the series ‘What comes about?’ by the author Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, realized in collaboration with visual artist Marina Bauer and dancers/ performers: Viktoria Bubalo, Iva Hladnik, Sven Jakir, Zvonimir Kvesić, Tea Maršanić, Ivana Pavlović and Vladimira Šančić, in autumn 2019.

‘The Touching Performance‘ inspired a series of workshops entitled ‘Everything Touches Me’ carried out in autumn 2020.

‘The Manual for your Touching Performance’ is a result of the collaboration between Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović and Mia Štark. It is part of the project ‘Koliba Online’ supported by the Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Croatia.