Eter nad Berlinom / Aether ueber Berlin

Eter nad Berlinom / Aether ueber Berlin / Ether above Berlin

"Family infected by radiophony, dramaturg Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro, returned to the theatre a few years ago so as to lift it into - the ether.  This Berlin sequel to the amazing and extraordinary "Hoerspiel - small play for listening (and watching)" is a whole new performance that, with the same means and in a similar way, but with some new performers, speaks not only about the story of radio silence as an absolute possibility of concentration and communication, but also warns that any communication is a manipulation as well. Spontaneously and subtly, she wants to say that silence is to be interrupted not by words but by deeds. "

Igor Ružić, selector of the 27th Marulić's Days awards

The author was awarded for the best adaptation.

Jury's explanation:

"Pavlica Brazzoduro conceived her own artistic project as a sincere, very personal and warm dedication to radio and radiophony, adapting the internal mechanism of a radio play to the performance settings of a stage, Bajsić's theatrical act. In a miraculous way, through the radio as a mechanical box that simultaneously presents a  portal for a theatre play, Pavlica Bajsić, to the light of the scene, revealed small tricks from family radiophonic workshops, and at the same time remained touching and poetic in the scene's sfumato, which more than accurately reflects the fragility and ethereality of radio as a media. "

About the performance:

The performance of AETHER UEBER BERLIN focuses on Berlin's rich radio history through different epochs. The author is inspired by authors such as Heinrich Böll, Bertold Brecht, Alfred Braun and Zvonimir Bajsić, as well as  by her many months long research into the Berlin radio archives. There, she found radio recordings which were over 90 years old and she was especially impressed by the radio reportage from the Oranienburg detention camp in 1933, which in the play is scenically re-reconstructed and speaks of the ever-present relationship between media and politics and the spreading of the discourse of fear and the necessity of defence or attack. The original reportage ends with the distressing words of a nazi reporter: "Dear listeners, please call our radio station if someone tries to manipulate you, and that way you too can help in the construction of a new national socialist country of Europe."

In the performance, German actors  perform the works of Zvonimir Bajsić, the author's late father who was not only an esteemed and award-winning author in Yugoslavia, but an esteemed and award-winning author of German radio airwaves in the 1970s and 1980s too. The works in question are "Pictures from the life of one radio-dramaturg", his last radio drama and a fragment from the "Prague Spring 84", his last "feature", meaning a documentary radio drama, originally produced by Sender Freies Berlin (today rbb). Both titles are seen as authorial and human testaments, in which Zvonimir Bajsic exhibits his preoccupation with silence, and with the courage of the individual as the foundation of every culture.

Berlin theatre critic Gesche Mirjam Beyer wrote the following words about AETHER UEBER BERLIN: "In the project, Bajsić Brazzoduro leaves hanging an unspoken but ubiquitous question, which is hidden behind today's media noise, something against which we all remain mute. Maybe this is the silence that flashes in front of us all the time and fusses in the ear, even after the stage light goes off. "



Director and dramaturg: PAVLICA BAJSIĆ BRAZZODURO

Assistant director and translator to German: FABIAN KÜHLEIN-ZELGER

Music, Sound, Design: DINO BRAZZODURO, Some sounds: MARIO FIŠTER


Coproduction of Multimedijalna koliba, Zagreb and Ballhaus Ost Theater Berlin.
Supported by: City of Berlin – Senate department for culture and Europe, Croatian house foundation, Kultura Nova foundation, City of Zagreb – Department for Culture, Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia and Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Germany.



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