cruel cruel nature

zrinka šimičić mihanović / concept, choreography and performance /
lana hosni / choreography and performance /
martina mezak / video and light / adam semijalac / music /

"innocent and beneficial," says thoreau, the nature emphatizes with our kind. and while the wind of p.j. harvey whispers: "cruel nature has won again ..." the nature of man and nature towards a man is compassionate and cruel, it destroys (even itself) and re-creates. it is lush and dry, it suffers and fades, it is formed and it disappears. wins. neither good nor bad, happy or unhappy, mild or mean, there is no beginning or end. it's constant only in its movement, its change. renewal, in all things, constantly. the movement is the one who opposes it and claims that death continues in life. if nature is the one who wins, and we are all part of it, part of its pulsation, then we too are the winners. the child is sleeping, breathing, its nostrils spreading; in that movement, the happiness of the moment shines through. fragility. fear. tenderness. strength. cruel, cruel nature.

Ovaj suradnički projekt nastao je kao odgovor autorica i autora, okupljenih na poziv plesne umjetnice Zrinke Šimičić Mihanović, na temu otpornosti i obnavljanja koje nalazimo u svakom dahu, svakom pokretu, u nama samima i oko nas. Za autoricu koncepta ova tema proizašla je iz višegodišnjeg bavljenja pokretom kroz somatski pristup. Okupljanju suradničke ekipe prethodilo je istraživanje pokreta kroz somatsku perspektivu te se tema obnavljanja iskristalizirala kao ključna za njegovo razumijevanje. Rad je nastao u suradnji s festivalom Perforacije 2018.

This collaborative project was created in response of the authors gathered at the invitation of the dance artist Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, on the subject of resistance and renewal found in every breath, every movement, in ourselves and around us. For the author of the concept, this theme has come from years of studying movement through the somatic approach. The collaboration of the team was preceded by a research of the movement through the somatic perspective and the topic of renewal emerged as crucial for its understanding. The work was created in collaboration with the Perforations 2018 Festival.

Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, Multimedia Hut, and Domino
The project was supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb, Perforations Festival
The work of the Multimedia Hut is supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation.
The rehearsal space was provided by Pučko otvoreno učilište Zagreb, dance center Tala and Student Centre – The Culture of Change.

Special thanks to Theatre "Gavella", Sonja Pregrad, Zrinka Užbinec, and Dubravko Mihanović.