1st performative meeting in the series  What comes into being?

on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 12:00

Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Gorgona Hall

as a part of Antisezona 19 – dance in Gorgona

The author of the concept is the dance artist and choreographer Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović in cooperation with the academic sculptor Marina Bauer.

What comes into being? is the name of a series of performative experiments for and with the audience. This project was conceived as an experiential collective event and will be conducted in several stages throughout the year.

By exploring the procedures of instant group choreography and the ways in which viewers are performing and becoming actors, as well as the aspect of tactility and kinesthetic experience of sculpture and space, this experimental process eliminates the boundary between practice and performance, between performers and spectators, exhibitors and exhibited. In it we are all witnesses and actors of events at the same time and share the responsibility for seeing and experiencing.

This is a journey from public and collective to personal and intimate and backward; travelling through different media, different logic and resistances of body and material; a journey between the experience of the natural environment of the island of Silba, for which both authors are intimately related, the urban space of Jabukovac and the controlled ambience of the theater black box.

For the past fifteen years, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović has been exploring the somatic movement through various approaches and practices, and her authoring work has largely been inspired by the somatic experience. Marina Bauer is an academic sculptor who is involved in the research of tactics and kinesthetic experience of sculpture and space. The recent encounter between these two artists as part of the Start’19 Sculpture Network project has opened up a series of interesting questions and a desire for their elaboration through further collaboration. It provides a common interdental approach to touch as the basis for establishing the interconnectedness and the relationship with the environment we are all part of, through it affirming the interest in ecology, sharing responsibility and collective choreography.