Me and you and we: Episode Plant and build

“There are such creatures, benign and boisterous, who would sing whenever they can, sing about everything that breathes and meets, everything green and spreading. Such creatures say “Good morning” to the sun with their song and the sun winks to them and says, “Today is a beautiful day”. And there are those who don’t even hear the song, or see the sun, because they are in a hurry, they need to build, the space is there to be filled; something needs to be added width-wise, height-wise, faster, sooner. “Between the walls, under the roof, it is going to rain”, says such a person; and the other one can do nothing but remain silent. Voice can hardly overwhelm bricks; whistle has a hard time against humming and roaring. So the first one leaves, takes away everything that breathes and becomes green. And the other one remains alone. And maybe starts pondering. What is missing, is it maybe … a song? Something green in the gray.”

Concept author: Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Performers, authors of music and dance: Davorka Horvat and Ivana Pavlović
Scenic and props designer: Tena Letica
Dramaturgical assistant: Dubravko Mihanović

The episode Plant and build, as a part of the series Me and you and we, inspires the thinking about the conflict between civilization and nature, and about the necessity of opening towards the other and the diverse. While one performer incorporates the principle of building, entrepreneurship, concrete results and private property, the other one represents nature, open spaces, the freedom of artistic expression and togetherness. Each of them is sometimes exclusive in their approach; however, through the encounter they both discover the beauty and attractiveness of the other, as well as the happiness brought by friendship and sharing.

Me and you and we is a series of interactive, interdisciplinary stage events for preschoolers and junior primary school pupils. It was created as a continuance of the multi-annual research-educational-performing project for children (and grown -ups) entitled From the balloon to the elephant), conducted by the Multimedia Hut from 2014 to 2016. The project entitled From the balloon to the elephant was started with an aim to explore new forms of learning about art and through art, and spreading the interest in contemporary artistic expression, especially with the younger population. After the project was being developed for two years through various, mostly workshop formats – for children and parents, indoors, in the public space, etc. – through the series of stage events, Me and you and we, we wish to enrich our existing experiences through an encounter with the audience and through thinking about theatre as a collective creative event.

Production: Multimedia Hut 2018
The project Me and you and we was supported by the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.
In 2017-2019 it was included in the program Backpack (full) of culture of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.