“There are those benevolent and vocal souls who, if they could sing, would sing to all that breathes, moves, and encounters, everything that is green and extends. Such say with a song and a sun: ” Good morning!” and the sun winks and says: „Today is a nice day.”. And there are those who do not even hear the song, nor do they notice the sun, because they are rushing, building, because space is to be filled, something must be done, in height, in width, as fast as possible.”Under the walls, under the roof, it will rain!” says someone like this, and what is the other one to do, but become silent. The voice becomes heavy against the brick, the whistle quiet under tumbling and buzzing. And then the first one leaves, taking with him that what breathes and greens. And the other is left alone. Maybe he stops and thinks. Is it the thing he is missing..a song?  Something green in the gray. “

author of the concept: Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović

performers and authors of music and dance: Davorka Horvat and Ivana Pavlović

author of scenography and equipment: Tena Letica

dramaturge: Dubravko Mihanović

production: Multimedia Hut 2018.

The episode Plant Build, as a part of the series Me Then You Then We calls to contemplation on the conflict between civilization and nature, and the necessity of opening up to the one that is different. While one performer embodies the principle of construction, entrepreneurship, concrete results, and private property, the other represents nature, open spaces, freedom of expression and communion. Each is exclusive in their approach but, through the encounter both discover the beauty and interest of the other and the happiness that friendship and sharing brings.

Me Then You Then We is a series of interactive, interdisciplinary events for children of preschool and early elementary school age. It was a continuation of a multi-year research and educational project for children (and adults) From the balloon to the elephant, which was run by the Multimedia Hut between 2014 and 2016. Project From balloon to the elephant was launched with the aim of exploring new forms of art education through expanding interest in contemporary artistic expression, especially in younger populations. After two years of development through a variety of workshops, for children and parents, in the interiors and public spaces, Me Then You Then We aims to enrich our existing experiences through a meeting with the audience and thinking about the theater as a collective creative event.

The project is supported by the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

The work of the Multimedia Hut is supported by Kultura Nova Foundation.

The Multimedia Hut is part of the KLIKER platform.