In the workshops of Body-Mind Centering® we will deepen the knowledge of individual body structures, systems and physiological processes through movement, touch, voice, visualization and anatomical depictions, with an aim of getting deeper into the experience of one’s own body, its more functional moving and releasing the creative potential it has.

The workshops are open to all interested parties, no matter the previous knowledge and experience.

The workshops are led by Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, dance artist, graduated Somatic Movement Educator (SME) and Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME) from the School for Body-Mind Centering®, member of the international BMCA organization and student of Laban/Bartenieff Somatic Studies International program.

The workshops are organized according to the following schedule:

March 4: Breath as a basis for an easy and effective moving
March 11: Bone and muscle system – our structure and support
March 25: Connective tissue – the quality of joining and the sense of being whole
April 1: Organs – the inner wholeness and strength
April 8: Fluids – the system of connecting and transforming
April 22: Nervous system – perception, organization and acting in the world that surrounds us.