Music-dance work for a dancer, viola and electronics

Concept: Tibor Szirovicza and Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Choreography: Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Composition: Tibor Szirovicza
Performance: Ivana Pavlović (dance), Aleksandar Jakopanec (viola)

“a2” (“a due”) is a term in musical notation which is used for two orchestral instruments noted on the same stave and indicates that both instruments play in unison.

In the show “a 2”, two worlds, two persons at the stage, meet and pass by each other, (don’t) recognize each other and separate, look for and (don’t) find each other. They share the space of performance, they co-pulsate in duration, building the score we see, and shaping the choreography we hear.

The dancer Ivana Pavlović and the violinist Aleksandar Jakopanec draw the stage with the field lines and manifestations of their personalities, desires, fears, experiences … revived by the movements and music they create.

Movement is inscribed in the music and is part of the music score. Electronic soundtrack emerges as an extension, amplification of the live instrument (viola), but also as a connection between the musical and dance tissue. The communication between the violist and the dancer, and between each of them and the electronic part is realized through a predetermined meter, while the musical composition and choreography are built in synergy through imitation and variation of rhythmic structures.

The authors of the show “a 2”, the choreographer Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović and the composer Tibor Szirovicza work together for  the first time within the project created through a co-production of Zagreb Music Biennale and Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance. The first performance of the project took place at the 28th Zagreb Music Biennale, on April 22, 2015, at 11 p.m., in Zagreb Dance Center.

From reviews:

“… an extraordinary interesting and vivid blend of music and dance, with accentuated artistry and appealing compositional structure.”

                                                            Jasna Čižmek Tarbuk, PLESNA SCENA.hr, April 30, 2015

Photography: Vedran Metelko